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    Dowd (1991) “Mother Goose Goes to School”

    Used rhymes to teach language and rhythm patterns in speech/Accustomed ear and tongue to musical aspects of English language/Incorporated creative movement with rhymes

    Ivakovic & Gilpatrick (1994) “Let’s Start the Music”

    Used music to teach language, speech audition (high-low, loud-soft, long-short) and movement development/Used song lyrics to teach pronouns, verbs, nouns, adjectives, use of preposition, sequencing and vocabulary/Used song vocabulary to teach words often have multiple meanings (“blue” is both a color and a feeling)/Movement important - added visual and kinesethic elements to sound

    Fisher & Parker (1994) Multisensory Sound Lab

    Using audio system, amplified sound (transposed down 2 octaves) and transformed into floor vibrations and visual display components/ Simultaneously stimulated visual, tactile, and auditory modes/Useful for teaching acoustics, speech therapy, vocal hygiene, hearing conbersation, music therapy/Helped motivate easily bored children

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