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    Gfeller & Lansing (1991), Gfeller, Woodworth, Robin, Witt & Knutson (1997)

    Studies to determine perceptions of rhythm, melody, timbre and pitch

    Scored better on rhythm as opposed to tonal and harmonic perception tests

    (Hearing subjects showed higher scores for melodic perception)

    Greater accuracy for music with “structured” rhythms as opposed to “unstructured” rhythms

    Preferred isolated rhythmic patterns over rhythmic with harmonic patterns

    Less accurate in a same-different comparison when melodic patterns included small pitch changes

    Eisenberg (1982)

    Postlingually deaf - often disappointed when hearing music through the implant as the signal lacked the tonal/harmonic structure which hearing persons expect

    Prelingually deaf - often found music to be enjoyable through the implant and identified music listening as a major motivating factor behind acceptance of the implant

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