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    Information about hearing-impaired clients - Often behind the average student academically/Frustration manifests itself frequently in area of expressive language/Often have residual hearing for lower pitched instruments (implant users - voice range)/Important to stimulate all senses/Ok to include reading and writing with verbal communication/Don’t ...stand in front of bright lights, exaggerate lip movements, change topics abruptly, cover your mouth with your hands/Do…have children sit close to you/face the children when giving instructions/Speak slowly and clearly.

    Darrow (1991) - studied children’s preference for timbre and musical instruments/ Preferred instruments with novelty and aural feedback/Factors involved with preference selection: repeated listening or familiarity, age variables, music training, and adult approval.

    Music Therapy Goals - behavioral, academic, motor, self-concept, social interaction and communication skills: Activities - Musical games, music and drama, expressive movement and dance, instrumental improvisation, Orff, instrumental performance ensembles.

    Call and response drumming activities (social interaction, take turns, share)/ Rhythm improvisation (expressive language, promote self-esteem)/music and drama (group interaction, creativity, self-esteem)/musical games (academic skills, group cooperation)/performance groups (team building)/dance (balance, coordination and motor skills).

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